My first cane

My orthopedist handed me a scrip and said, “Get a cane. It will help. Do you know how to walk with one?” And my cane adventures began.

I’m 48, which is too young to be running around with a cane all the time. But, my knee hurt (arthritis), and the doctor showed me how to use a cane and that really took the stress off and relieved a lot of pain. I converted to the group of the cane people.

My husband sometimes uses a cane – just for show and affectation. He has an Irish blackthorn cane which doubles as a shillelagh. He has a tall, twisted Gandalf staff. Those were far to heavy for me to use for long. He has some speed-walking double sticks. I turned myself into a pretzel trying to use those.

Next, we headed down to the pharmacy – I had a prescription after all. In the assisted-living section with the big raised toilet seats sat the canes. These were lighter and maneuverable. Some even collapsed for small storage. But, to a one, they were ugly. Metal, black, the prettiest one was blue. I knew if I chose one of those canes, I would just look sad.

So, I went onto the internet – source of all things wild and interesting. And and boy did they. I was swept away into a world of dragon canes with crystals mounted along them. Canes that hid knives or flasks. Canes that transformed into a stool for sitting. But all those weigh too much.

I searched collapsible metal canes and that brought up more of what I wanted. They had hot pink canes, canes with playing cards printed on them, blue canes with yellow racing stripes, and one cane with gorgeous peacock feathers printed down in. And that one was marked half-off. I figured if I am going to have a cane – it should be bold and pretty – just like me.

Here it is, isn’t it pretty!

My cane – leaning on a sweet gum tree

It’s a complement getter, especially from other people with canes. I wonder what Freud would say about cane envy? (Oh, yeah, first guess is probably right.)

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