It’s for the birds (and me)

The back side of the Sugar Grove Nature Center – this is the protection around the bird feeding area. You can see one side of the corner of windows in particular.

I have always enjoyed watching the birds. The come and go, quarrel with each other, and sometimes even watch me back through the window. I have a feeder set up so I can see them from my nest – the seat on the sofa surrounded by all my things. We get tons of cardinals who nest in our yard as well as a large variety of sparrows.

I used to go to the Sugar Grove Nature Center in Funk’s Grove, Illinois (great name, huh) to watch the birds and hike. Of course, I was feeling better then. I used to love winding out around the trails in woods and prairie. Today I cannot hike, but am working to get that back.

Sugar Grove had a room where people could watch the birds (and chipmunks) through a floor-to-ceiling glass window. This is of the utmost importance – because it let everyone have a nature experience no matter their mobility. Anyone could walk, hobble, or roll into the room and take a comfy seat surrounded by windows covered with one-way glass. You could pick up a bird book, look around the room for pictures of common seasonal birds, or just relax and enjoy the show.

They set out specialized food to bring diversity. Sunflower seeds are the perennial favorite, but they had a finch sock, fruit or jelly for orioles, hummingbird sugar-water, suet for woodpeckers, and several other specialty foods. The variety of foods attracted a number of birds who normally don’t feed together.

Chipmunks were everyone’s favorites. (Yes, I know, not birds). These critters would dart around the area, munching on peanuts and playing in the running water. I bet they thought they hit the lottery by finding the feeding area.

Chipping sparrow – small but mighty. Image from Cornell Lab’s “All about birds”.

Watching birds is therapeutic. I have always loved being outdoors. My favorite thing used to be removing turf for a garden – it’s quite a workout. I cannot get out in nature as much as I used to. I can bring some to me, feeding the birds.


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