Turning to cannabis for pain relief

Disclaimers. I am not a medical doctor – or anything medical. This is not to diagnose or treat anybody’s anything. Talk to your doctor. Do your research. Find what is best for you. This is my own experience and my thoughts and research. I hope that this may be useful to other people who areContinue reading “Turning to cannabis for pain relief”

In which I wear out with all the excitement

I’m dealing with my ouches. The funny thing about a time when everyone is supposed to be bunkering in and doing less – it wears me out. Just thinking about Covid=19 takes up a good amount of energy. Add to that, I’m trying to understand what is going on. I’m reading as much as IContinue reading “In which I wear out with all the excitement”

No gatherings over 50 people

This morning, the CDC has recommended a ban on gatherings over 50 people. Europe is shutting its borders, and Germany and some other European countries are shutting borders around their countries. Canada has blocked all but Canadians, permanent residents, and Americans. Local reports have Kroger and other stores selling out of many items including mostContinue reading “No gatherings over 50 people”