Cannabis dosing for pain

Dosing cannabis for pain is difficult. Most people want a dose that takes care of their pain but leaves their mind alone. (Some want to go into couch-lock and completely forget the pain. They will take higher doses.) The general rule is to start with a small dose and slowly raise it until it helpsContinue reading “Cannabis dosing for pain”

Ways to use cannabis (for pain)

I use edibles (mostly) to get my cannabis – Mindy’s Gummies 5 mg CBD/5 mg THC, to be exact. This is one of many ways you can use cannabis. I am giving you my review of the different methods of taking cannabis. Smoking Smoking cannabis is the traditional way that most people took it forContinue reading “Ways to use cannabis (for pain)”

Gifts for pained people

Four lists for gift-givers to folx with chronic pain, arthritis, migraines, back pain, and other pain. Gifts for less-mobile people Gifts specifically about pain Free/cheap gifts Gifts to think twice before giving I’m not doing links – I’m not getting any kickbacks for any of these. Not even the brands I endorse directly. But ifContinue reading “Gifts for pained people”