Page updates

I have just added my published creative writing to this webpage. There’s not a lot there yet, but the numbers will grow soon.

I’m also letting the domain name lapse, so if anybody wants it . . .

I’ve been working hard on writing. I’m trying to balance my own writing with the copywriting that I do for pay. It’s not easy to do. This summer, available projects have been few and far between, so that “allowed” me to spend more time on my own work.

I’ve started work on my novel. It’s about a high-functioning (I hate that term) autistic girl who wants to find the spirit of Halloween and pull open the veil between this world and the Otherworld. At this point, I’m writing a Young Adult novel, because the characters are 15-16 years old. The end product could be anything between middle grades and adult fiction.

I have a couple of stories that I am still working on (after rejections). I have a problem ending stories. I’ll get a great idea and write it out and then don’t know how to end it. I guess some of the things I write are not technically stories. So, I’ve been reading and learning about story structure and how to create a satisfying ending.

I’m still not getting out of the house much. Covid plus advancing arthritis have me staying home much of the time. But I did get to go out to Target and Spirit Halloween to buy some early Halloween props and decorations. I got cat ears for me, and two plastic owls to perch on the front porch.

I’ve been in good spirits, which is most important. And I wish the same to you.


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