I went for a walk

I’m over visiting my friends (the family we co-bubble with) and they were going out for a walk. On my bad days, I would never consider such a thing. But, today I was feeling good.

The author and her brother back in 2007 when we walked all around San Francisco.

Around the corner from their house, the city is constructing a new roundabout. We walked there to scavenge anything that looked like junk so the girls could use tools to build a fairy house. Mostly this is because the girls wanted to use tools. We picked up pieces of wood and a few rocks as building materials.

It is a nice day outside. I don’t know the temperature, but I was comfortable in a sweatshirt. We started home, hauling all the booty of chunks of broken wood. Then my right foot and my leg seized up. The walk home was painful and slow. At least they know me and understand what was likely going on.

Now I am bundled up and sitting in the comfy chair. My legs are bundled up and my foot is raised on an ottoman with a heating pad. The arch of my foot is hurting. It is likely my plantar fasciitis.

I’m still glad I went. This is the first walk that I’ve been on since Winter happened. It felt good to stretch my legs until it felt bad. This is how I balance the competing commands of “get some exercise” and “don’t overdo it”. One really isn’t possible without the other, unless I’m just engaging in some basic stretching.

With so many things to potentially go wrong, it’s always a crap shoot. So I have to make myself move when I can. It’s easy to take something like walking for granted. Don’t.


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