Ghost (?) story

Gamma, a bit younger and healthier

Here’s a break from your regularly scheduled programming to tell a story that happened to me this week.

I have an old and sick cat named Gamma. He regularly hollers repeatedly if he wants something – or just because. The sweet old man was hollering in the hallway the other day, and I was trying to get him to come to me. He wouldn’t, so I shushed him a couple of times.The next time he hollered, I heard a shushing sound answering him. I didn’t do it and I was the only person at home. It kept up for about 6 hollers, and then the cat stopped.

I haven’t heard it since. I tell myself it was likely some outside noise that just happened by coincidence. But at the back of my mind, something in my house was shushing my cat. Perhaps the house itself even. What do you think?


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