No gatherings over 50 people

This morning, the CDC has recommended a ban on gatherings over 50 people. Europe is shutting its borders, and Germany and some other European countries are shutting borders around their countries. Canada has blocked all but Canadians, permanent residents, and Americans.

Local reports have Kroger and other stores selling out of many items including most ready-to eat things (deli, bread, etc.) The local hhas asset up a hotline to call in if you have Covid-19 symptoms – but we are not supposed to go to the emergency room. The Boys and Girls club is shut down – but will offer take-away meals. There are eight places in our school district offering take-away school lunches (and breakfasts in some) plus a set of busses running routes to take food to students who need it.

Illinois has tested 1000 people and 100 of them have shown positive. I hear we’ve had our first case in the southern half of the state. But I don’t know where. The credit union is now drive-through only. The closed library is offering a curbside pickup where they put your books on the bench out in front of the library.

My self-isolating game is strong today. My husband is attending online meetings in the bedroom – and all the cats have followed him in there. It’s cool and rainy and I’m not really tempted to go out into the garden. I do want to plant lettuce, radishes, peas, and poppies. And put the plants I got in the mail today (mostly ferns and hostas) into the ground.

The weather is getting me bad. I’m on the sofa and haven’t moved much. I’ve done SalonPas and am getting ready to break out the heating pad. So the temptation to see other people is not strong at all.

Things I have done:

  1. Painted my nails – pink with gold sprinkles
  2. Read The Season by Kristen Richardson – history of the debutante phenomenon and what is says about women and marriage
  3. Photocopied an article to send to my brother
  4. Got my pills ready for the week
  5. Taped some pictures by my nieces up on the wall. This includes the picture of the killer unicorn with blood dripping from it’s horn by E. who is both obsessed with unicorns and a little goth.
  6. Cleared away a good deal of crap from places it shouldn’t be
  7. Read part of Consumer Reports Magazine
  8. Spent a bunch of time on Facebook – sent out hopeful messages on Facebook and Twitter
  9. Read a bunch of Covid-19 articles online – mainly from the NY Times
  10. Received a package of live plants from FedEx – 16 bulbs, corms, and bare roots
  11. Studied Spanish with Duolingo

Not so bad, now that I see it written out. Not so bad at all.


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