Restaurants close

Tbe governor of Illinois has just orders all restaurants and bars to close. They are allowed to do curbside pickup and delivery still. He said the federal government was not doing enough to protect us so the state had to.

S. (my husband) did a Walmart run. Things sold out: toilet paper, hand sanitizer, paper towels, eggs, kitty litter, and meat. He said people were just filling their carts from the freezer section. He talked to one of the clerks who said yesterday was terrible. People were just coming in and dumping things in their carts and running to the checkout. Then they would load their cars and return.

My day was quiet. It seems like the world is going crazy while I sit on my computer writing, stopping occasionally to pet cats. I watched birds at the feeder and saw a pretty little wren. Started putting away the groceries S. got. By the way, we are totally prepared with roasted red peppers and cat treats.

We came over to visit J. (my best friend) and K. (her husband) again. The girls are bored and going stir crazy. Last week was Spring Break and they are missing school – before an actual day of school has been missed. I am going to help teaching them, so we are trying to get a schedule together. I’ll likely help out a lot with math, which luckily they both love.

What happens when the girls get bored.

The guys are making risotto for dinner and I’m in the comfy chair under strict orders from J. to stay put. I ran out of CBD a few days ago (and we can’t afford to get more. Between that and the low pressure rolling through my pain has been higher than normal.


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