And it’s Covid-19

The world has been changing quickly – especially in terms of health. My life hasn’t changed much. I was rather self-isolated in the first place, unable to do work other than writing from home. And then stuck in the house because we’re low income and my husband has to take the car to work. I’ve been watching the world through my computer screen. I see more and more people facing down a life like I live.

People are stocking up on toilet paper and hand-sanitizer to the point where there are none in the stores. I have friends in other areas going to Walmart and taking pictures of empty shelves. Meanwhile, the CEO of Walmart takes a press conference with the president of the US stating that he will gladly give up part of some parking lots to fight Covid-19. How strange. I assume the government is setting up testing centers there, but that wasn’t made entirely clear.

I do have company at home – three big orange cats. This is Gamma.

Last week, I went to see one of my doctors. It went normal, except there were bottles of hand-sanitizer all over the place and after she was done seeing me, she washed her hands for a really long time. Most things around here seem normal. But, then, I haven’t gone to Walmart. There were a lot of cars in the parking lot.

My husband is going to start working from home – teaching a class and doing counseling sessions online. All the schools are closed for the count. Which means my best friend is teaching online from home – but she might go into her office because she has not yet been blocked from doing so. Her husband is at community college and their classes are moved online. The girls will be home from school as well. I offered to help home-school them during this time. We went over to their house a couple of times. I figure our homes will still be connected until someone in them gets the virus.

We went to the library this morning and took out about 20 books between the two of us. I hear from my friends about libraries starting to close down all over the place. If I’m stuck at home for a long time, at least I will be stuck at home with books.

Keep safe. Wash your hands. My love to you.


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